Monday, February 9, 2009

Thinking about buying Kindle 2 - Check this out first

If you don't like Kindle and Sony Reader's small screen (most PDF documents/eBooks require 1024x768 resolutions for full page view unless you are using iPhone or Nokia N8xx tablet; Kindle is 600x800), you might want to wait until 2010 for Plastic Logic's reader.

Check out this video:

I bought Sony Reader over a year ago and promptly returned it because it was no good for PDF eBook reading. Nokia N800 worked much better and iPhone's PDF reader app (called Files) is wonderful.

If you wait 3-4 years, you will see color readers (and writers) based on long battery life E Ink technology.

Also check out these readers from iRex technologies. None of these provide the Amazon platform yet but Amazon should allow them rights/access to their store (unless Amazon wants to be in the hardware business).


DentPuzz said...

Notice that the demo model seemed to have a couple of columns of dead pixels? (If they mentioned this - then sorry! I watched this at work with the sound down).

I always though that Ebook readers were too big. I like to read on my Ipod Touch. I have no problems with the screen size, although I do invert the colors (white ink - black background).

The main thing that has kept me from fully embracing the eBook revolution is the cost of the eBooks themselves. When a book hits paperback, you can buy it for around 7 bucks or less so why don't they drop the price of the Ebook at this point? Instead the eBook cost stays up there with hard back prices or more.

I have a lot of old paperbacks and hard backs that are starting to get worn out, and I’d love to replace them all with eBooks, but until the pricing structure changes then I can't see it happening.

Me said...

Agreed. Another shortcoming is that there is no option of selling your eBook from your account to someone else's account like you could with a book. Here is an article regarding this.

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