Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rumors of Microsoft Cellphone - To be announced early next year

Rumors are circulating that Microsoft might release its own branded version of a cellphone manufactured by Nvidia. It is likely to be announced in February! For more details, check out this, this and this.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Video - Walt Mossberg reviews BlackBerry Storm

Here is WSJ's Walt Mossberg's video review of BlackBerry Storm:

Thursday, November 20, 2008

CNET Video review of BlackBerry Storm

Here is the CNET first look video review of BlackBerry Storm:

And here is the USA Today video of BlackBerry Storm vs. iPhone:

Gmail themes are coming

Gmail themes are coming. Check out this blog.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sprint Instinct MR4 firmware update available now

Sprint Instinct Firmware Update MR4 is available now. Many users have successfully downloaded it and a few of them have reported success with Opera Mini Beta 4.2 browser as well. Opera Mini 4.1 still seems to lock up on the loading screen.

Here are the release notes for Sprint Instinct Firmware Update MR4 .

Apps: You can find a compilation of apps that now work with Instinct here.

Microsoft Office 2007 Home & Student for (almost) FREE?

Microsoft Office 2007 Home & Student (Word 2007, Excel 2007, PowerPoint 2007, and OneNote 2007) version comes with a $69.99 subscription to Microsoft Equipt (PC security/protection service) available for purchase from CircuitCity.

According to various news sources, Microsoft plans to discontinue this service and will offer the users a pro-rated refund and will let them keep the Microsoft Office 2007 Home & Student for free! It seems that Microsoft Equipt is still for sale in CircuitCity. I don't know what happens if someone walks into CircuitCity today and buys this for $69.99. Will they get most of their money refunded if they call to cancel subscription and still get to keep the Office software?
I guess it depends on when they decide to turn it off...

According to ZDNet:

"Microsoft’s Equipt — which Microsoft launched in July of this year — is dead and Microsoft is having to go back and pull copies of Equipt from the channel (Circuit City in the U.S. and DSGI in the U.K.). Microsoft is offering customers a pro-rated refund for the service and allowing purchasers to keep Office Home & Student edition for free forever, Microsoft officials said. "

According to ars technica:

"Microsoft blogger Mary Jo Foley is reporting that Microsoft Equipt, which Microsoft announced just a few months ago, is also going the way of the dodo. The company will be offering refunds and will allow customers to keep the included Office Home & Student edition for free. "

According to this on CNET news:

"The copies will be headed out of retail stores in the coming weeks, although the subscription will run through some time next year. But since Microsoft plans to offer free licenses of Office to Equipt customers when their subscriptions end, those existing copies look like a pretty good deal for those who need Office Home and Student--the version of Office included in Equipt.
As for existing Equipt subscribers, they not only will get a free license to Office Home and Student, they can also call and cancel their subscription, get a pro-rated refund and still get the copy of Office. Gordon said that Equipt buyers tended to be Microsoft's early adopters and said that "We really want to make sure they are taken care of."

P.S. This does not relate to mobile gadgets but I thought some readers might find it interesting. Also, I am not liable if you go and buy it and don't get a refund.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Video comparison of Sprint vs. AT&T HTC Touch Pro models

ZDNet has a video comparison of the Sprint and AT&T HTC Touch Pro models. Full review here.

Sprint HTC Touch Pro vs. AT&T HTC Fuze:

Adobe Flash available for Android but not for iPhone

Adobe Flash player for mobile is now available for more smart phones including Windows Mobile phones and Google Android based phones. However, there is no Flash version for iPhone because Steve Jobs has said in the past that it wasn't optimized for iPhone. There could be another reason for Apple not allowing Flash. Apple maintains tight control of its iPhone/iPod Touch app store and takes a 30% cut from every app sale! With Flash, developers could create games and apps as websites and bypass Apple's lucrative money making machine completely. That makes Android a better platform with Flash support but it needs to evolve some more and needs better devices before it can outdo the iPhone.

Did Oprah give out Sprint Instincts on her show?

There seem to be a number of posts on the web purporting to be from people who went to a taping of Opera Winfrey show and were given Sprint Instinct phones with free 90 day plan. Here is a post from someone selling their Oprah Winfrey show Sprint Instinct phone on eBay. Here is another one selling it on a forum. Here is one from someone who is trying to figure out how to unlock it to use with AT&T (poor soul). There were some posts of Oprah show Instincts for sale on Craigslist too.

President-elect Obama to stop using Blackberry and email?

According to a news article on BBC News website, president-elect Obama will likely stop using his Blackberry and email because the transparency laws could require some of his communications to be open to public view. According to the BBC article:

"He took mobile e-mail everywhere on the campaign trail.

In the summer, cameras filmed him checking his BlackBerry while watching one of his daughters playing football. His wife Michelle slapped at his hands, to get him to put it away.

"I think Obama is the first president who is addicted to the BlackBerry like the rest of us, and there's a lot of presidential records and archive rules on what gets stored and what doesn't," former Clinton press secretary Joe Lockhart told the Associated Press.
During the campaign, the New York Times reports, his advisers rarely printed out memos, e-mailing them to his BlackBerry instead. "

I bet it will be tough parting with his Blackberry due to Presidential Records Act but there are just too many risks involved including the risk of hackers. Also, most email communication travels plain-text unless encrypted end-to-end with digital certificates or some advanced feature which then limits the ease of email use.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X1 available for pre-order $799.99

Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X1 will soon be available for pre-order from Sony website for $799.99. It will most likely be sold unsubsidized by a carrier in the US and should work with a SIM card from AT&T (as an unlocked phone that could potentially be used with other supported SIM cards as well).

Here is a CNET first look video of Xperia X1:

Citrix working on iPhone version

A few months ago, Citrix had provided a sneak peek (see video below) of their XenDesktop version for iPhone. For those that have never heard of Citrix, it is a company that provides remote access and other information technology software to 100% of Fortune 100 companies and thousands of other organizations.

According to a recent article by PCWorld:

"By the first half of 2009, Citrix will make its XenDesktop and XenApp client and server software for remote access to Windows applications available for the iPhone.
Fleck said the company is addressing an "unbelievable market demand" for such a product. Requests have become the number-one topic of discussion on its blog site.
Your entire XP or Vista desktop and all your apps are available in that virtual desktop with all the inherent security and manageability that is currently available on remote desktops now," said Fleck
According to Fleck it will make available the entire world of a half-million Windows applications.

Citrix developers worked with Apple to design the iPhone version of the Xen App and Desktop in order to preserve as much of iPhone's unique capabilities as possible."

The blog that this article refers to is probably here or here.

Check out this video:

And here is the video from a few months ago that provided a quick sneak peek (iPhone has other remote Desktop apps that work extremely well):

BlackBerry Storm vs. Apple iPhone

Check out the quick comparison of BlackBerry Storm vs. Apple iPhone here.

This is the first mobile device that could offer serious competition to the iPhone but with over 8,000 apps covering almost everything imaginable, iPhone is still a tough contender!

Verizon Touch-screen Blackberry Storm for $199 starting Nov 21

Blackberry Storm will be available for $199.99 ($249.99 - $50 mail-in-rebate) from Verizon wireless on Nov 21. If it does indeed turn out to be as good a Blackberry as promised, expect more defections from Sprint which has no great device at the moment to compete with AT&T's iPhone, Verizon's Blackberry Storm and T-Mobile's G1 Google phone. Sprint Instinct is a poorly performing device and HTC Touch Diamond and Pro have signature Windows mobile issues despite a decent UI skin created by HTC.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Google Voice search coming to iPhone

(Image Source: New York Times)

Check out this video:

According to New York Times:

"Pushing ahead in the decades-long effort to get computers to understand human speech, Google researchers have added sophisticated voice recognition technology to the company’s search software for the Apple iPhone.

Users of the free application, which Apple is expected to make available as soon as Friday through its iTunes store, can place the phone to their ear and ask virtually any question, like “Where’s the nearest Starbucks?” or “How tall is Mount Everest?” The sound is converted to a digital file and sent to Google’s servers, which try to determine the words spoken and pass them along to the Google search engine.

The search results, which may be displayed in just seconds on a fast wireless network, will at times include local information, taking advantage of iPhone features that let it determine its location."
This adds to a number of already available voice apps for iPhone like Say Who (voice dialing) and Say Where (voice search). With the addition of voice search by Google, iPhone will likely provide similar or better voice search compared to Sprint Instinct that uses Windows Live Search.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Ocarnia - A true musical instrument for iPhone

While I have tried a number of musical instrument apps on iPhone and they all are very good (especially MooCow Music's piano and band apps), there is a new player in town called Ocarina. Check out the videos:

Friday, November 7, 2008

Access your PC from iPhone - LogMeIn coming to iPhone

If you have used the LogMeIn (excellent free version available) software to access your computer remotely from another computer, you know how useful it can be sometimes. It seems that the company now has a preview version available for iPhone called "Ignition for iPhone and iPod touch preview". Check out the CNET review here.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

ETF class-action lawsuit against Sprint for $1.2 billion

Attorney Scott Bursor filed another class-action lawsuit against Sprint for $1.2 billion for early termination fees (ETF) charged since 1999. The lawsuit claims that the early termination fees violate the Federal Communications Act as well as the statutory law in all 50 states.

The same attorney recently won a preliminary ruling on a similar lawsuit in California in which Sprint was ordered to pay $18.2 million in ETFs and to stop pursuing another $54.7 million that customers hadn't paid yet. However, the preliminary ruling could be overturned in the upcoming hearings.

I recently paid $400 (200x2) to Sprint in Early Termination Fees to get out of Sprint Instinct contract based on my poor experience with the phone. I would certainly like to get some of my ETF paid back because both my Sprint Instinct phones performed much poorly compared to what they were advertised as and had numerous problems that weren't fixed even in the first 90-days since release while ETF applied after 30-days of purchase.

Sprint Instinct FAQ's and Tips

Here is a copy and paste of Sprint Instinct's FAQ's from their baw forum:

How can I improve the battery life on my Instinct?

Change the Dimming option from 15 to 8 and off from 30 to 15.
Make sure email isn't auto checking.
Set your applications such as news reader and weather to not automatically update (only refresh manually)
To do this, go to the Web screen, push the "Tap to Add" button. On the SelectServices screen, push the little "gears" icon. Set the "Auto UpdateData" option to "Off"
Turn off Bluetooth unless you need it.
Turn off sound feedback when touching buttons.
(optional) Turn off Haptic feedback when touching buttons.

Poorcoverage area may also affect your battery life, if your phone isconstantly going in and out of roaming, you may try setting yournetwork options to "Sprint Network Only"

What is the current phone firmware?
BH29 was released with MR-3; BJ20 will be released with

When will standard Java apps that need a keyboard be supported (Like Opera, Google Maps, etc)?
Java keyboard and input controls are part of the LCDUI update releasing in

Is there a way to lock the screen during a phone call?
No, the phone currently cannot be locked either manually or automatically during a phone call.

Why does my phone sometimes beep 3 times?
The 3 beeps indicate that a text message has been received while thescreen is locked. The only way to prevent the beeping is to set theringer volume to Silence All or Vibrate.

What are the current version numbers for all the software/firmware on the phone?
PRL: 60613
SW:ES.M800 BH29
MCL: 5.5.28
OBIGO: Q7.0-1.6 B

Voicemail: VN.
Music: 2.2.39
SprintTV: 3.0.49
Live Search: 1.70.1
Pocket Express: 1.1.5

How can I view attachments on the Instinct - does it support PDF, PPT, etc?
The Instinct can read some word documents using the Notes application; other attachments can be saved to the SD Card and copied to your computer later for viewing by desktop software. In November 2008 we plan to update the viewers on the phone to handle PDF, PPT, XLS and other file types.

How are the software updates being pushed?
Sprint will push updates to the base software of the phone (the ROM) on occasion. We will post a notice to this forum when it is ready. After a period of time, we will turn on automatic updates to the phones, sending a notice to update your software directly to the phone. The updates will take place over the air and should not require you to visit a store. Application updates are controlled by the vendors of the applications and will be pushed out in a similar fashion - as you launch each app, you will get a notice that an update is available. You can always check for system updates by going to Main, Settings ,General, Update Software.

Does the Calendar synchronize with Outlook or other calendars?
No. The calendar on the Instinct has only basic functionality. However, a new version of Sprint Mobile Email Work is due out in November that will add Outlook synch capability.

How do I get birthdays to repeat every year on the Calendar?
When setting up the Birthday Event or any repeating event, the End datehas to be set to however many years in the future you want the Birthdayor event to be repeated. Next, set the Repeat to "EveryYear". For example, if you want someone's birthday to show up everyyear on the calendar until May 1, 2011, enter that date as the Endtime.

How do I set up outbound email (SMTP)
Follow the information
in this post to set up Sprint Mobile Email when you are blocked from sending mail through your ISP on the Instinct

Can you send text messages to a group?
No. You can add multiple numbers to a text message, but there is no way to create a group of addresses.

Is there a way to run Flash on the phone?
There currently is no flash player for the Instinct. Adobe has not developed one that runs natively on the hardware, and the Java-based flash player is in early alpha; no word from the developers on that project when orif it will be ready.

What is the largest MicroSD card the Instinct can support?
According to
GallifreyRebel's tests in this thread, the Instinct supports the latest 16gb MicroSDHC cards

Where can I find free streaming radio stations for the phone?
Sprint TV and Radio offers many free radio stations; for those looking for additional stations, see
this thread; also the Buzz team has a phone friendly list of URLS at http://www.buzzaboutwireless.com/cms/rtsp.html

Where can I get software / games / apps for my Instinct?
Sprint offers many games and some applications through the Digital Lounge - Click Home - Fun - Shopping on your handset to browser and buy! Third party applications not offered through Sprint, including free apps, are being discussed on the
Instinct-Samsung.com forum. (Registration may be required; this forum is not affiliated with Sprint.)
Forum users have also started a free and fee-based app store at
http://instinct-software.com/ (not endorsed by or affiliated with Sprint.)

How can I put my own music on my phone as a Ringtone?
This process is not supported by or endorsed by Sprint. Use at your own risk. Go to
http://rumkin.com/tools/sprint/index.php(on your computer) and click the first Browse button and find theringtone. You don't have to enter your phone number. Give it a name(second box) and click Upload. Wait for it and it will give you anumber. Now go to http://rumkin.com/tools/sprint/jump.php on your phone and enter the number. it will download and you have the ringtone in your ringtone folder.

How can I create my own ringtones?
Forum user smotrs has created a good writeup using free software in this forum post:

Visual Voicemail - why do I have to dial in to delete messages
Visual Voicemail - why do people get a fast-busy or ring-no-answer when they get my voicemail?
Visual Voicemail - why don't I get notification of new messages?
These issues are related to a new product having some growing pains. We have exceeded our capacity on the current Visual Voicemail platform. We are installing new servers, switches and upgrading the entire system. Improvements should be seen going forward; we anticipate a resolution of the problems before the holiday season. Until these issues are resolved, if you receive a lot of voicemail,you should call your voicemail (dial 1) on occasion to empty a possiblyfull inbox, which would prevent you from receiving new voicemail.

How do you send a voicemail & messages to an email address?
MarkBugs post
here details the process:
A. Select Voicemail from Main screen
B. Push + sign at top of screen.C. Select either Recent List or Manual Entry (bottom of screen):
1. Recent List: Click on an email in the list presented. or 2) . Manual Entry: Select "Enter Email Address". Enter email address on keyboard.
D. The voice recording screen is then displayed and will immediately be recording your voice.E. Push the stop button when done recording.F. Review the message if desired.G. Add extra addressees if desired by hitting the + sign next to the adressee name.H. Select Send to send the voice Email.

Can I listen to my Instinct music on my car stereo and still receive phone calls?
Yes, if you have an auxiliary input jack on your car stereo, you can use an ordinary male-male 3.5mm audio extension cable to connect he Instinct to it. Make sure to get at least 6 ft. of cable so you can freely move the phone around as necessary. Music should pipe into your car stereo through the cable perfectly. Turn the Instinct volume all the way up and use the car stereo volume controls instead. If the music doesn't sound good or is staticky, you probably have a cheap or faulty cable. Consider getting a gold-plated one... they are inexpensive online. Make sure to use a cable with only 2 contact rings on each tip (rather than 3), because this will allow you to use the microphone on the handset when a phone call comes in. When you answer an incoming call, you will begin a handsfree conversation with the other party's voice on the stereo speakers. Your voice should be picked up by the Instinct's microphone, even if it's on your lap.

Is there a way to charge the Instinct from my PC with the USB cable, but also continue to receive phone calls?
Yes, just press the Voice Command button one second before plugging the USB cable into the phone. This will keep the Instinct from turning off the phone capability.

How to Add Album Artwork to Your Songs
Forum user Rennat created a video. To read more about it and to get the link to YouTube go to:

Sprint Instinct next software release MR-4 scheduled for 11/19

According to this, the next software update for Sprint Instinct is scheduled to be available on 11/19:

"This just in from the Instinct team:

"MR-4 will be available 11/19 and can be downloaded via the device (Main Tab -> Settings -> General -> Update Software) or you can wait for our automatic updates."

This is the only information I have. Please see
MR-4 Firmware Release Notes and Dates for more details about MR-4.

Buzz About Wireless Admin
Sprint "

The previous projected release date was 11/12.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Details of Sprint's new Early Termination Fee (ETF) Policy

Here are the details of Sprint's new Early Termination Fee (ETF) policy for contracts signed after Nov. 2, 2008:

After Nov. 2, 2008, the early termination fee will be prorated for all NEW contracts, starting at $200 and progressively reducing to $50 depending on the number of months remaining in your contract. To find your contract expiration date, log on to My Sprint, and click plan details to the right of your phone.
Note: If your contract began before Nov. 2, 2008, terminating or canceling service before your contract ends costs $200 per line.

Prorated early termination fee

Use the chart below to calculate your exact early termination fee. If you are cancelling multiple lines on your account, calculate the remaining number of months on each line, locate the corresponding amounts and add them together to reach your total.

Months in contract Months remaining Early Termination Fee
024$0 (If you are not eligible under the 30-day guarantee period, fee is $200.)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Opera Mini for iPhone but not for Samsung Instinct (yet?)

According to New York Times:

"Mr. von Tetzchner said that Opera’s engineers have developed a version of Opera Mini that can run on an Apple iPhone, but Apple won’t let the company release it because it competes with Apple’s own Safari browser.

Opera Mini is free, and can be downloaded onto many phones. The company earns money, as it does for its computer service, from search engines. In addition, some carriers pay Opera to develop custom versions of Opera Mini for their systems. "

It is not clear if Opera has submitted this to Apple for inclusion in the App store but it is interesting to note that recently Opera had refused to create a custom version of Opera Mini browser for Samsung Instinct phone despite hundreds of requests!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Motorola working on Android phone

Businessweek is reporting that Motorola has been working on its own version of phone based on Google Android platform. According to the article:

"Motorola has been showing spec sheets and images of the phone to carriers around the world in the past two months and is likely to introduce the handset in the U.S. sometime in the second quarter of 2009, according to people familiar with Motorola's plans."
"Motorola declined to elaborate on its plans, but said in a statement: "We're excited about the innovation possibilities on Android and look forward to delivering great products in partnership with Google" and the community of developers known as the Open Handset Alliance that are working on the Android operating system. "

The full list of Open Handset Alliance members is available here.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

AT&T offers FREE Wi-Fi Access for iPhone

According to this page on AT&T's website, AT&T is now offering free Wi-Fi access to iPhone users at thousands of hotspots nationwide. Here are the details from their webpage:

"Access the Internet anytime

AT&T knows Wi-Fi is hot, and FREE Wi-Fi is even hotter. Which is why FREE AT&T Wi-Fi access is now available for Apple iPhone at thousands of hotspots nationwide, including Starbucks*. Users can relax and access music, email and web browsing services with their favorite blend in hand from the comfort of their nearest location. For information visit

Find a Starbucks location near you.

*Wi-Fi available at U.S. company-operated Starbucks locations equipped with a hotspot.

Thousands of AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot locations nationwide
Convention Centers
Sports Centers
Starbucks locations

Whether you browse from your laptop, phone, or device AT&T is committed to enhancing your experience by providing powerful broadband speeds. This allows for fast and easy downloads of your favorite music, streaming videos, games, and more.

Get started with AT&T Wi-Fi"

"iPhone users, get started with Wi-Fi

- Activate Wi-Fi from the settings icon on your iPhone
- Select "attwifi" from the list of available networks
- Enter your 10-digit mobile number and check the box to agree to the Acceptable Use Policy. Tap 'continue'
- You will receive a text message from AT&T with a secure link to the AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot. You will not be charged for the text message.
- The SMS link will only be valid for 24 hours at the location it was requested. Another request must be submitted when using another hotspot location.
- Open the text message and tap on the link for 24-hour access to the AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot"

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Google Earth for iPhone

Google recently announced a version of Google Earth for iPhone. I tested it for some time and it is nearly as good as the PC version and well integrated with GPS. Here are some other features:

• You can tilt your iPhone to adjust your view to see mountainous terrain
• View the Panoramio layer and browse the millions of geo-located photos from around the world
• View geo-located Wikipedia articles
• Use the 'Location' feature to fly to your current location
• Search for cities, places and business around the globe with Google Local Search

It's available in 18 languages and 22 countries!


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Google android not good enough for Sprint yet?

According to this, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse recently told the National Press Club in Washington that he didn’t think Android in its current form is "good enough to put the Sprint brand on it." But Hesse promised to sell a phone powered by Android “at some time in the future.”

But if you read the coverage here and here, it is pretty evident that Sprint wanted the Google android phone as soon as possible but Google resources were tied up working on the T-mobile version. Sprint is heading towards this holiday season with HTC Touch diamond and Pro to compete with AT&T iPhone, T-Mobile G1 and possibly Verizon's touchscreen Blackberry! Tough spot if you ask me but their prices are still the best!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

HDN - the alternative to iPhone app store

HDN, the Hands-On Mobile Developer Network attempts to bring the iPhone like app store for the rest of the phones. The problem with carrier managed stores is that they are not open and flexible at all and sometimes a pain to use.

According to HDN's website:

"HDN, the Hands-On Mobile Developer Network, is an open network that brings mobile development and monetization opportunities to the mass market. HDN enables anyone to rapidly develop and publish applications spanning from simple RSS feeds to complex, rich media applications that work across carriers and across handsets.
HDN simplifies the challenges encountered in the mobile development ecosystem today. Issues like porting and device coverage, application testing and certification are all handled by the HDN platform. Thus, developers can focus on creating the content based on a standard web development model and have it deployed on hundreds of handsets across all major carriers."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Details of upcoming Sprint Instinct MR4 release

According to this post in Sprint's baw forum, here are the details of the upcoming Sprint Instinct MR4 release:

"Public Release Notes for Instinct Firmware Update MR4

Version: BJ20
Delivery: OTA
Projected Release Date: 11/12 (BOTH client & network initiated) Projected Release Dates are best estimates and are subject to change with no notice.

Notes: Instinct firmware BJ20 includes the resolution of 165 tickets open since the previous public firmware release, BH29, including:

5442 - links fail on smoking gun website
5872 - VVM Client is not able to make Data connection
5886 - Ebay login fails in standard mode browser
6015 - Voice notification speaks wrong contact name
6016 - Device UI locks when FUMO push is being received
6025 - Initial Mobile Sync can cause device to slow down until initial sync completes
6036 - bestbuy.com soft-resets device
6039 - deleting ringers can soft-reset device

The release also provides the foundation for the first public release of the updated Sprint Mobile Email Work Calendar. The new work calendar, available OTA 11/21, syncs with one or more Exchange (OWA) based calendars, and allows for meeting creation, editing and alerting on the go.

Also included in MR4:
* Java refit to better enable 4-way/OK and text input to LCDUI widget-based applications. Yes, this is the Java Keyboard you've been waiting for.
* support for native document viewing for many popular office document types including .doc, .pdf, .ppt, .xls and others

Individual application upgrades for the MR4 period are expected to go live the week of 11/21 (all dates are estimates and are subject to change with no notice). Exact go-live dates depend on application vendor. "

This would be the best update for Instinct because it will allow third party Java mobile apps to work on Instinct with the LCDUI keyboard!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pandora announces layoff of 20 employees...

Pandora radio founder Tim announced the layoff of 20 employees in a blog post made on their website. The challenging economic conditions and royalty fees probably resulted in this tough decision:

"This is a very sad day for Pandora, and for me personally. Today we reduced our staff from 140 to 120 employees. Like virtually every company, Pandora is not immune to the challenges presented by the current economic turmoil. We are trying to react quickly and responsibly to the new environment.

We cherish our employees. We have painstakingly built a team that I am tremendously proud of - there's not a person in our company who hasn't contributed substantially to what we do, and who we are. The twenty folks we let go today were no exception..."

iPhone subsidy squeezing margins at Verizon and Sprint

According to a Reuters report, the heavily subsidized iPhone is squeezing profit margins at Verizon and Sprint because they are forced to lower the prices of high end phones to compete with AT&T. The economic conditions are also making the consumers cut down on additional services and add-ons. According to the article:

"The derivative effect is lower profitability in wireless for all the carriers," said UBS analyst John Hodulik, adding that the iPhone is selling faster than he expected, which is actually bad for AT&T's profitability in the short term.
AT&T, which reports results on Wednesday, is seen as the worst hit, with JPMorgan analyst Michael McCormack forecasting what he called a "shocking" drop in its mobile profit margin to 36.1 percent in the third quarter from 41.2 percent in the second quarter.
McCormack forecast the margin at Verizon Wireless, owned by Verizon Communications and Vodafone Group Plc (VOD.L), to fall to 43.8 percent from 45 percent.
McCormack forecast Sprint's margins falling to 24.7 percent from 25.7 percent in the second quarter. "

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yet another social networking application - Brightkite

(Image source: mashable.com)

As GPS enabled phones are becoming more popular, a number of social networking apps are showing up that take advantage of the mobile GPS. These include the well known ones like Loopt but new players are making mobile social networking accessible to even more users. One of them is Brightkite that works with even the basic phones but they seem to have an iPhone version that could take mobile social networking to new heights if successful. Check out the video here.

Google Android phones have remote app kill switch too

Just as Apple had put a remote app kill switch on iPhone, Google Android also has the remote app kill switch to remove any malicious software if needed. According to the terms of service of Android market:

"Google may discover a product that violates the developer distribution agreement ... in such an instance, Google retains the right to remotely remove those applications from your device at its sole discretion".

Also check out the video of media in Android's browser:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sprint HTC Touch Pro (keyboard version) slightly delayed

According to this, the launch of Sprint HTC Touch Pro smartphone is slightly delayed to early November. Here is a statement from the reporter's Sprint contact:

"Sprint expects to slightly delay launch of the Touch Pro by HTC to ensure we have adequate inventory in all channels before making the device commercially available. Customers can expect the device to become available in select national retailers by the end of the month and then in all Sprint sales channels including online at www.sprint.com and Sprint Stores by early November."

Sprint WiMax in Baltimore - Videos

Check out this CNET video of Sprint XOHM WiMax launch in Baltimore.

Also check out the Computerworld article and the video about the launch.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

No cellphone signal at your vacation cabin- you might want to try this

There is a lot of political controversy over this issue but it also highlights the fact that cellphone companies have temporary towers that they can use to provide service if you don't have service in your area.

Sprint is the first US carrier to provide a similar alternative to you if you have weak or no cellphone signal but have wireline broadband service at this location. You can signup for Sprint AIRAVE™ for a small fee and get your cellphone working again!

Monday, October 13, 2008

How fast is Sprint WiMax?

Sprint recently launched the 4G WiMax network called Xohm. It was launched in Baltimore and will be launched in various cities within next 12 months. If this is successful, it should give Sprint a decent lead over the other carriers. So how fast is it compared to the 3G speed?

According to computerworld:

"The Xohm network delivered a peak download speed of 4.4Mbit/sec., while AT&T could muster only 1.7Mbit/sec. -- that's nearly three times the throughput at exactly the same locations. During a drive around the city, the hand-offs from tower to tower were seamless and glitch-free. WiMax can deliver data to a car moving at highway speeds, perfect for back-seat surfing or doing work on a commuter train.

On average, Xohm pushed through more than 3Mbit/sec., compared with 1.3 Mbit/sec. for the AT&T network. More to the point, the latency of the WiMax network was about one-third that of the AT&T network..."

If you live in the coverage area, you might get good pricing as part of the launch deals but coverage is limited at the moment.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Motorola Krave ZN4 Touch Screen phone to be available from Verizon

(Image source: user azranz at HowardForums)

A touch screen phone from Motorola called Motorola Krave ZN4 (left one in the image above) is set to launch soon on the Verizon network. It has a flipcover that acts as an interactive display and provides control for many of the common functions.

Here are some other details:

  • Virtual QWERTY keyboard
  • HTML browser
  • VCAST services (Music, Video, Mobile TV)
  • GPS support through VZ Navigator
  • Media player
  • Bluetooth with stereo audio support
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Visual Voicemail access
  • 2.0 megapixel camera with video recording and zoom
  • Voice control
  • Speakerphone

iPhone developer's cookbook to be available soon

After Apple opened up the restrictive developer non-disclosure agreement (NDA), the first iPhone developer book is ready to hit the market.

There are over 4,000 apps/games already available for iPhone (many compatible with iPod Touch) and the number is expected to continue to grow!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

A square phone from Sprint - LG Lotus coming soon..

(click on images to view larger)

Check out the details of Sprint LG Lotus phone (expected to be available sometime this month) here: http://www.lglotus.com/. It has a full qwerty keyboard, Bluetooth, GPS and a 2MP camera.

Also check out the unboxing video by PhoneDog here:

Friday, October 10, 2008

Pandora Radio now available for Sprint Instinct - $2.99 per month

Pandora Radio is now available for Sprint Instinct in Sprint's Digital Lounge. It allows creation of radio stations based on user preferences.

It costs $2.99 per month (advertising free) on Sprint phones in addition to the data plan. It is much cheaper than $8.99 on AT&T phones. But it is free on iPhone and iPod Touch. The $2.99 plan also includes subscription to listen on your PC.

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers on Pandora's blog.

Businessweek's review of BlackBerry Storm touch screen phone

Did you know that BlackBerry storm touch screen has a real keyboard like feel?

Check out the Businessweek's review of BlackBerry storm here.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

RIM provides details on Touch Screen BlackBerry - Blackberry Storm

Here are details of the upcoming BlackBerry touch screen phone named BlackBerry® Storm™ with a 528-MHz processor:


Features Available
  • Wireless email

  • Organizer

  • Browser

  • Phone

  • Camera (3.2 MP)

  • Video Recording

  • BlackBerry® Maps

  • Media Player

  • Built-in GPS

  • Corporate data access

  • SMS

  • MMS

Size and Weight

  • 4.43"/112.5mm (Length)

  • 2.45"/62.2mm (Width)

  • 0.55"/13.95mm (Depth)

  • 5.5 oz/155g (Weight)

Data Input/Navigation

  • Touch Screen Navigation, with ClickThrough for user selection

  • On screen keyboard: portrait SureType® and Multi-tap, QWERTY landscape

Voice Input/Output

  • 3.5mm stereo headset capable

  • Integrated earpiece/ microphone

  • Built-in speakerphone

  • Mono/stereo headset, hands-free, phone book access profile and serial port profile supported (Bluetooth® technology)

Media Player

  • Video format support: MPEG4 H.263, MPEG4 Part 2 Simple Profile, H.264, WMV

  • Audio format support: MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA, WMA ProPlus


  • High resolution 480 x 360 pixel color display

  • Transmissive TFT LCD

  • Font size (user selectable)

  • Light sensing screen


  • Polyphonic/MIDI ringtones

  • MP3 ringtones

  • Vibrate mode

  • LED indicator

Approximate Battery Life

  • 15 days (Standby time)

  • 5.5 hours (Talk time)


  • Expandable memory – support for microSD™ card

  • 1GB onboard memory

  • 128 MB Flash (flash memory)


  • RIM® wireless modem

  • Tethered modem capability

Email Integrations

  • Works with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server for Microsoft® Exchange

  • Works with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server for IBM® Lotus® Domino®

  • Works with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server for Novell® GroupWise®

  • Integrates with an existing enterprise email account

  • Integrates with existing personal email account

  • Integrates with optional new device account

Device Security

  • Password protection and screen lock

  • Sleep mode

  • Support for AES or Triple DES encryption when integrated with BlackBerry® Enterprise Server

  • Optional support for S/MIME

Wireless Network

  • UMTS/HSPA: 2100 MHz

  • North America: 850 MHz GSM®/GPRS networks

  • North America: 1900MHz GSM/GPRS networks

  • Europe/Asia Pacific: 1800MHz GSM/GPRS networks

  • Europe/Asia Pacific: 900MHz GSM/GPRS networks

  • Dual-Band: 800/1900 MHz CDMA/Ev-DO networks

Sprint Instinct TV update - how is it working for you?

The recent update of Sprint Instinct TV software to version 3.0.49 hasn't been received well by a number of users according to the posts in Sprint's baw forum. Check out some of the user messages here.

I am not sure if this is an issue with the software update or with the TV service provider (mobiTV?).

Monday, October 6, 2008

iPhone 3G is #1 selling smartphone, #2 overall in US

According to the NPD Group, a leading wireless industry market research company:

"Apple iPhone 3G now the second best-selling mobile phone handset among U.S. consumers, after Motorola’s RAZR V3 .

...30 percent of U.S. consumers who purchased Apple’s new iPhone 3G from June through August 2008 switched from other mobile carriers to join AT&T, the exclusive mobile carrier for the iPhone in the U.S.
By way of comparison just 23 percent of consumers, on average, switched carriers between June and August 2008. Nearly half (47 percent) of new AT&T iPhone customers that switched carriers switched from Verizon Wireless, another 24 percent switched from T-Mobile, and 19 percent switched from Sprint.
During June through August 2008, the top four best-selling smartphones based on unit-sales to consumers were as follows:

1. Apple iPhone 3G
2. RIM Blackberry Curve
3. RIM Blackberry Pearl
4. Palm Centro"

The enormous success of iPhone shows how Apple has been a great benefit to AT&T even though Sprint's 3G network is much better than AT&T's 3G network at the moment. And almost half of new AT&T iPhone customers switched from Verizon. Who decided to turn down Apple at Verizon when Apple approached them first? It cost them a lot of lost revenue! To this date, iPhone 3G is unmatched in its hardware (multi-touch), software and over 4000 apps (almost a thousand apps/games for free) that really enhance the usability of this device. I have used Windows mobile phone, Samsung Instinct and an iPhone 3G and there is just no comparison. iPhone is in a league of its own and there is an app for almost anything imaginable. There is no other device/app store combination like it in the market.

It is surprising to see that a version of Motorola RAZR phone is still #1 in overall sales!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

iPhone, Samsung Instinct and HTC Touch Diamond have potential for military use?

ArmyTimes has an interesting article about using GPS-equipped consumer grade phones such as iPhone, Samsung Instinct and HTC Touch Diamond for military use.

According to the article:

"The Army has much bigger plans than that, and no product has caught the attention of its information technology specialists like the iPhone, the multipurpose Apple product introduced in 2007 that has become a worldwide bestseller.

The device, measuring less than ½-inch thick, and about 2 ½ inches high by 4 ½ inches long, can be used for multiple applications, including phone communications, e-mail, Web browsing, as an iPod, as a navigational aid with Global Positioning System access, as a camera and photo storage device, and as a high-tech calendar and calculator.

“The iPhone has tremendous potential as a mobile device for the Army because it really is a computer platform that happens to have a phone in it,” Wallington said.

Wallington said the same iPhone capability that serves as a control device for digital games can be used to steer and drive the robot.
Competing devices with similar, but not exact, capabilities are starting to enter the market, like the Samsung Instinct and HTC Touch Diamond available through Sprint.

Because these devices are multi-purpose computers, officials see vast potential for military applications."

The full article is here.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

CNET followup on Samsung Instinct user experience

A few weeks ago, CNET asked Samsung Instinct users to post about their experience with the Instinct phone. They now have a followup based on the feedback provided by a large number of Samsung Instinct users. Keep in mind that some of this was prior to the latest software updates provided by Sprint (Apparently, the users in Canada haven't received those updates from their Canadian carriers). The CNET article says:

"To sum it up, the overarching theme of these comments is best expressed by user MGP67. "Overall this phone is okay. I'm not completely enamored, but it will do." Of course, there were more extreme opinions on both sides--rl1211 thinks the Instinct is "awesome" while phoneitis calls it a "failure"--but most users who responded like it enough to keep it. "

Read the full article here.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nokia announces a Touch screen phone - Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

(Image source: infosyncworld.com)

Nokia announced a new touch-screen phone - Nokia 5800 XpressMusic (commonly known as Nokia Tube). This phone has a screen resolution of 640 x 360, touch user interface , video recording at up to 640 x 480 pixels and up to 30 fps , accelerometer and is even capable of playing Flash videos. Here are the detailed specifications:

Technical Specifications

Physical features, power and memory

Form: Classic with full touch user interface
Dimensions: 4.37 x 2.04 x 0.61 in
Weight: 3.84 oz
Touch user interface optimized for one-hand use with tactile feedback

Display and 3D
Main display
- Size: 3.2"
- Resolution: 640 x 360 pixels (nHD)
- Up to 16 million colors
- aspect ratio 16:9
- automatic orientation sensor (Accelerometer) for display rotation
3D image engine

Keys and input method
Stylus, plectrum and finger touch support for text input and user interface control (alphanumeric keypad, full and mini qwerty keyboard, handwriting recognition
Dedicated Media Bar touch key for access to music, gallery, share on-line, Video Center and web browser
Voice commands
Physical keys for application launch key (menu key), send & end, power, camera, lock, volume up & down

Colors and covers
Available in-box colors:
- Black
Available colors may vary by country.

Micro-USB connector, USB 2.0 High Speed
3.5 mm Nokia AV connector
MicroSD card slot, small DC jack, Micro USB cable interface to PC (CA-101), TV out interface (CA-75U)

BL-5J 1320 mAh Li-Ion battery
Talk time (maximum):
- GSM up to 8.8 hr
- WCDMA up to 5 hr
Standby time (maximum):
- GSM up to 16.75 days
- WCDMA up to 16.7 days
Browsing time with packet data (maximum): up to 3.4 hr
Video playback time (maximum): up to 5.2 hr, Video playback time (maximum, nHD/Mpeg4)up to 3.4 hr, VGA video playback using TV-Out with Stereo BT Headset up to 3.8 hr
Video recording time (maximum): up to 3.6 hr
Video call time (maximum):up to 3 hr
Music playback time (maximum): up to 1.5 days
Gaming time (maximum): up to 5.6 hr
Battery times are estimates only and depend on network configuration, signal strength, features used, battery age and condition, charging practices, temperatures to which battery is exposed, whether use is in digital mode (or analog mode, if any), and many other factors. The amount of time a phone is used for calls will affect its standby time. Likewise, the amount of time that the phone is turned on and in standby mode will affect its talk time.

MicroSD memory card slot, hot swappable, max. 16 GB
81 MB internal memory
8GB microSD memory card in-box
Communication and navigation
Communication and navigation
Operating frequency
WCDMA 900/2100 MHz
GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Automatic switching between GSM bands
Flight mode

Data network
GPRS/EDGE class B, multislot class 32, maximum speed 296/177 kbps (DL/UL)
WCDMA 2100/900 MHz with simultaneous voice and packet data, maximum speed PS 384/384 kbps (UL/DL), CS maximum speed 64 kbps
HSDPA cat 6, maximum speed 3.6 Mbps (DL)
WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g (3G version only)
TCP/IP support
Requires data service. Data services may not be available in all networks. Data transmission speeds may be as high as 3.6 Mbps, but may vary based upon network capabilities and other conditions. The establishment and continuation of a data connection depends on network availability, provider support and signal strength.

Local connectivity and synchronization
Bluetooth version 2.0*
- Bluetooth profiles: A2DP & AVRCP

MTP (Mobile Transfer Protocol) support
TV out with Nokia Video Connectivity Cable (CA-75U, in-box)
Support for PC synchronization with Nokia PC suite

*Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

Call features
Integrated hands-free speakerphone
Number screening for messaging and calls
Automatic answer with headset or car kit
Any key answer
Call waiting, call hold, call divert
Call timer
Logging of dialed, received and missed calls
Automatic redial
Speed dialing
Voice dialing: speaker independent dialing and voice commands (SIND)
Fixed dialing number support
Vibrating alert (internal), also with tactile feedback
Side volume keys
Contacts bar for 4 contacts with images and communication history (SMS, IM, email, web feeds)
Talking ring tones
Conference calling with up to 6 participants
(when supported by service provider)

Multiple SMS deletion
MMS version 1.3, message size up to 600 kb
Automatic resizing of images for MMS
Nokia Xpress audio messagingM
(requires a service plan including data services)
Common inbox for SMS and MMS messages
Number screening for messaging
Distribution lists for messaging
Instant messaging client
Cell broadcast
Only devices that offer compatible multimedia message or e-mail features can receive and display multimedia messages. Content appearance may vary. Some images and ring tones can not be forwarded.

Supported protocols: IMAP, POP, SMTP
Support for e-mail attachments
OMA e-mail notification support
Mail for Exchange 2008 in DL client, in 2009 embedded
Requires a service plan including data services

Web browsing
Supported markup languages: HTML, XHTML, WML
Supported protocols: HTTP, WAP, JavaScript
TCP/IP support
OSS browser
Nokia Mobile Search
Requires a service plan including data services

GPS and navigation
Integrated GPS for pedestrian and car navigation
Nokia Maps 2.0 Touch application
The availability and accuracy of GPS location services are dependent on wireless networks, satellite systems. It may not function in all areas or at all times. You should never rely solely on GPS products for essential communications like emergencies. May require a service plan including data services.

Image and sound
3.2 megapixel camera (2048 x 1536 pixels)
Image formats: JPEG
Carl Zeiss optics
3x digital zoom
Dual LED flash
Flash modes: On, off, automatic, red-eye reduction
White balance modes: automatic, sunny, cloudy, incandescent, fluorescent
Centre weighted auto exposure; exposure compensation: +2 ~ -2EV at 0.5 step
Normal, Sepia, Black&White, Vivid, Negative
Dedicated camera key
Landscape (horizontal) orientation
Photo editor on device
Direct printing to compatible picture printers

Main camera
Video recording at up to 640 x 480 pixels and up to 30 fps (TV high quality), up to 640 x 352 pixels and up to 30 fps (widescreen quality), up to 320 x 240 pixels and up to 30 fps/15 fps (email high/normal quality), up to 176 x 144 and up to 15 fps (sharing quality)
- Up to 4x digital video zoom
Video recording file formats: .mp4, .3gp
Audio recording formats: WAV (normal), AMR (MMS), AAC/MP4 (high quality)
Video white balance modes: automatic, sunny, cloudy, incandescent, fluorescent
Scene modes: automatic, night
Color tone modes: normal, sepia, black & white, vivid, negative
Clip length (maximum): up to 1 hr 30 min (high or normal quality). Dependable on available memory.
Video playback file formats: MPEG4-SP playback 30fps VGA, MPEG4-AVC playback 30fps QVGA, WMV9 playback 30fps QVGA, MPEG4-SP playback 30 fps nHD
Video streaming: 3GPP and CIF
Landscape mode video playback
Video editor on device
Video Center service supported: download and stream video content, WMV support, video feeds

Music and audio playback
Nokia Nseries digital music player
- Playlists
- 8-band graphic equalizer
- selection by artist, composers, album and genre
album graphics display and audio visualizations
bass booster, stereo widening, loudness
Music playback file formats: .mp3, SpMidi, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA
Dedicated volume keys & immediate access to Music Player from Media Bar, dedicated music keys in the headset control unit AD-54
Stereo FM radio (requires wired headset to be attached)
3.5 mm Nokia AV connector
Music Player
Nokia Music Manager
Ring tones: 3D stereo ring tones, 64-tone polyphonic, mp3 & video ring tones (3 videos and 9 mp3 songs built-in)
Integrated stereo speakers with surround sound (crystal clear hi-fi sound quality with dedicated audio chip)

Voice and audio recording
Voice commands
Speaker-independent name dialing (SIND)
Voice recorder
Digital stereo microphone

Personalization: profiles, themes, ring tones
Customizable profiles
Ring tones: 3D stereo ring tones, 64-tone polyphonic, mp3 & video ring tones
Software platform and user interface
S60 5th edition
Symbian OS version 9.4
Active standby
Media Bar
Contacts bar

Personal information management (PIM): contacts, clock, calendar etc.
Support for assigning images to contacts
Support for contact groups
Clock: analog and digital, world clock
Alarm clock
Calendar with week and month view
To-do list

Java TM MIDP 2.0*
Flash Lite 3.0**
Games: 3D Bounce and Global Race, DVD: Ulead VTB
Nokia Maps
Map loader
PC Download
PC Photos
OVI Suite with Nokia Music
Share on OVI
Adding more applications:
- Over-the-air (OTA) downloads

*Java is a registered trademark of SUN Microsystems, Inc.

**Flash Lite is a registered trademark of Adobe, Inc.

Games: 3D Bounce and Global Race

Sales package contents
5800 XpressMusic with pen stylus
Battery (BL-5J)
High Efficiency Charger (AC-8U)
Music Headset (HS-45, AD-54)
Video-out Cable (CA-75U)
Connectivity Cable (CA-101)
8 GB microSDHC card (MU-43)
Carrying Case (CP-305)
Stand (DT-29)
Stylus plectrum in wrist strap (CP-306)
Extra pen stylus
User guide and Quick guide
Mini DVD

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More details on latest/future software releases for Sprint Instinct

Here are more details on the recently released Sprint Instinct software update and the upcoming release according to Sprint Developer forum post:

Subject:Important News on Releases/Upcoming Software
Date:2008-09-30 at 10:53 AM CDT

This posting shares two key things -

1: what was actually included in the latest software release
2: Planned scope of the next software release (which is currently scoped to included LCDUI support !!!!!) -

Please note, this software release is scheduled to enter in certification on Oct 13 and we currently don't have an exit/launch date for the MR as it depends upon how well the testing/certification goes.

Thanks for being patient as we work on making these upgrades happen

================================================== ============
ADP Public Release Notes for Latest Instinct Software Release

Version: BH29
Delivery: OTA
Client-Initiated: Select Main -> Settings -> General -> Update Software
Network-Initiated Campaign begins 9/29

Notes: Instinct firmware BH29 includes the resolution of 249 tickets open since the previous public firmware release, BF30, including:

4342 - "some words including 'microbrew' in SMS soft-reset device"
5972 - "some popular websites soft-reset the device"
xxxx - "screen mis-calibration soft-resets device"
5960 - "slow video player startup operation"
5967 - "cannot delete OWA mailbox while in 'account verify' state"
5564 - "parental control not letting allowed number to be dialed from text message"
5986 - "after firmware update device power cycles radio during WAP push"
6034 - "calendar alert not working"
5889 - "cannot maintain MSC mount"
6002 - "new/duplicate contact created when saving street address from SMS or email"
6001 - "can't enter text into search bar on yahoo"
6000 - "unsupported navigator object properties crash browser scripts"

The release also marks the first public release of the updated Instinct Web Browser, version 1.1. The new browser is based on an entirely new codebase and brings an 10x improvement to rendering speed, most noticeable in the areas of pan/zoom/resize functionality.

New browser features include:
* Voice Command Button -> hide/show controls; browser controls can be hidden to provide more screen to webpage display
* Improvements to favorites UI allows for sticky mode lock
* 34 other web browser tickets resolved

Individual application upgrades for the MR3 period are expected to go live the week of 9/29 (all dates are estimates and are subject to change with no notice). Exact go-live dates depend on application vendor.
Additionally, firmware structures have been added to facilitate the upcoming MR4 firmware release.

We anticipate an official Public Release Notes announcement of MR4 when that firmware enters certification test on 10/13 (all dates are estimates and are subject to change with no notice). Unofficially, firmware MR4 will include:

* Java refit to better enable 4-way/OK and text input to LCDUI widget-based applications
* Work Calendar support through an enhanced Sprint Mobile Email Work revision
* support for native document viewing for many popular office document types including .doc, .pdf, .ppt and others
* resolution to roughly 50 additional open tickets

The developer also confirmed when a user asked:

"Does this mean that applications like opera mini or other java based applications will allow text entry? "

"That is correct - the idea would be to allow use of the native keyboard to support text entry. Thanks
Sprint ADP"

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Adobe working on Flash Player for iPhone - waiting for Apple approval

According to Flash Magazine, Adobe is working on Flash player for iPhone but Apple will decide if it will allow it to run on iPhone.

Here is a quote from the article:

"At the Flash On The Beach (FOTB) conference in Brighton, Sr. Director of Engineering at Adobe Systems Paul Betlem, confirmed that Adobe is indeed developing a Flash Player for the iPhone. However, Apple calls the shots as to when it'll be available."

Also check out this.

But do you really want Flash Player on your mobile phone? If you had flash player in your mobile browser, you could watch videos on more sites but a lot of resource intensive web advertisements now use Flash and it is going to kill your mobile browser experience. So maybe Flash for a mobile phone browser is not a good idea. But they could make it such that it doesn't load until you click on a video (the way embedded YouTube videos work on iPhone) and it loads separately in a video player.

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