Monday, January 12, 2009

Convert videos for mobile devices - Format Factory

Ever wanted to convert your videos to play on your mobile device (such as iPhone or iPod touch or other devices)?

Format Factory looks like something you could use. It can convert videos to many different formats and resolutions.

Combine this with Abyss Web Server X1M, you can watch your videos on your mobile device on the wi-fi home network!
(If you do use a web server on home network, make sure that you have a Router protecting you from outside).

I tested this combination to watch videos from PC on iPhone over wi-fi and it works great! You can play the videos directly from iPhone safari browser! And it is FREE!!

1 comment:

DentPuzz said...

Maybe this will help with the problem I'm having. I bought my kid a MP3/video player, but it does not contain software to get video from a dvd to the mp3 player. Hopefully this one will. Thanks for the tip.

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