Saturday, January 10, 2009

Palm Pre - Better than iPhone?

I really like the OS and software on the new Palm Pre phone. It is as good as iPhone and even better in some aspects with true multi-tasking support and very finger friendly.

Check out all five videos of Palm Pre demo. They are worth watching. Its UI is gorgeous and smooth and the browser is based on the same Webkit engine that iPhone uses!

And did I say it does multi-tasking that iPhone doesn't? Now don't ditch Sprint for iPhone.

Palm Pre Demo Video 1:

Palm Pre Demo Video 2:

Palm Pre Demo Video 3:

Palm Pre Demo Video 4:

Palm Pre Demo Video 5:

Coming to Sprint in the first half of this year! It will also be available in other countries a little later.

1 comment:

DentPuzz said...

It looks nice. but you know that Sprint will come up with a way to screw it up - it's what Sprint does best.

Welcome back, by the way - we were starting to worry :-)

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